Murray Realty Associates Inc. specializes in the sale and leasing of industrial properties in the Greater Cincinnati area. Murray Realty Associates has 30 years of experience in the area of industrial sales and leasing, corporate real estate, construction and development. Murray Realty utilizes the latest technology in order to help every client find the right commercial space. Let Murray Realty assist you in selling or leasing your building or find and negotiate your next move.

Len Murray

I have over 30 years experience in commercial estate brokerage in the Greater Cincinnati area. I have brokered over $50 Million Dollars of commercial/industrial  real estate during my career.

I will work hard to thoroughly understand your real estate needs and accomplish your real estate objectives. I implement a detailed results proven 10 step approach to defining your needs and engaging a systematic approach to getting those goals done. As a full service firm I have dealt with property management, construction and leasing issues fully understanding the minefield of problems that can develop when leasing or selling in a commercial real estate transaction.


  • Attention to every detail
  • 30+ years experience
  • 70% of our business is repeat customers
  • Intuitive plans no matter what the situation
  • Assessment of every possible scenario and outcome
  • Fast & friendly support


  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Cincinnati Industrial Real Estate
  • For Sale Industrial Properties Cincinnati
  • Leasing Industrial Properties
  • Create and submit a “Letter of Intent” addressing the legal and business issues, demonstrate commitment with a signature ask for quick response time from owner.
  • Industrial Build-To Suit Consulting After initial tour – provide a detailed subjective analysis
  • Office/Warehouse Space
  • Distribution or Warehousing Space Cincinnati
  • Commercial Real Estate Brokerage or Broker
  • 1031 Tax Free Exchange
  • Investment Properties Cincinnati
  • Bulk Warehousing and Logistics
  • Determine company objectives to define current and future space needs.
  • Study the market to not only determine availability, but also to provide market conditions and any incentives offered by municipalities or specific developments.
  • A systematic approach to request specific requirements and timetables including budgetary, location, access to services, hotels, developing a short list of alternatives.
  • Develop an R.F.P. that serves as a guideline for pursuing a lease with potential landlords.
  • Prepare spreadsheet to analyze an “Apples to Apples” Comparison for each alternative comparing total occupancy costs, moving, tenant finish, stream of rental payments, operating expense, etc.
  • Agree on terms and conditions – negotiate terms of letter of intent, execute this letter, by both parties.
  • Negotiate legal agreements – Lease documents, Purchase agreements, Construction Contract Agreement reviewing comments with tenants/buyers attorney until an acceptable legal document is drafted.
  • Oversee construction period – review final drawings with client, meet with architect to review specific requirements or change orders, building layout, office finishes, review construction budget and monitor progress and workmanship
  • Expedite Move-In.